Somatic Psychotherapy

Somatic Psychotherapy for Mind/Body Integration
Did you ever wonder why learning from self-help books or making the best resolutions often doesn’t bring about changes that stick?

Do you feel stuck with thoughts, feelings, moods and behaviors that clearly work against you? You may ask yourself: What makes painful or self-destructive patterns last? What needs to shift internally so I can realize the changes I want in my life?

Answering these questions is far from simple but the so called mind/body split plays a main role in this human dilemma.

It often feels as if the mind and body are at odds with each other. It can feel as if they don’t understand each other, speak different languages, have different ways of being, and even different agendas.

We are reasoning and meaning-making beings and at the same time we are emotional and embodied beings. In Somatic Psychotherapy we listen to the mind as well as the body. By paying attention to your body and emotions you can touch into the deep foundation of who you are and change negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors.  In this way you learn to sense what you really want and need out of life.

What is a Somatic Psychotherapy session like?

Initially a somatic psychotherapy session is very similar to traditional talk therapy.  We begin by discussing why you are seeking therapy and what you hope to get out of therapy. But as the session continues, we gradually get more interested in the present moment. We will bring thoughtfulness and curiosity to what you are feeling as you are telling me about your life.

Here is a simple example: You may be sharing something and there might be some anxiety in your body although your mind is saying there is no reason to be afraid. We will begin to attend to this experience of anxiety right then. We don’t have to wait. I will help you come into relationship with your feelings and help you find out what is needed to settle the anxiety in your body so you can be present right in this moment.

Here are some of the benefits of Somatic Psychotherapy:
  • Learn to stay safely grounded in your body as you explore in therapy what is otherwise hard to face.
  • Learn to make conscious healthy choices by better understanding how your mind influences your body and how your body influences your mind.
  • Develop more in-the-moment awareness to reduce overwhelming emotions like anger or anxiety
  • Develop more self-compassion and clarify your healthy needs and life affirming impulses
  • Strengthen your boundaries by growing your capacity to be in relationship while staying securely in touch with yourself.
  • Increase your confidence and self-esteem by developing self-awareness and self-compassion.
  • The progress you make is sustained after therapy ends.

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