My Therapy Specialties

I help my clients transform problematic thoughts, feelings and behaviors and develop a confident, resilient sense of self and nurturing, vibrant relationships.  My specialties include:

Relationship Issues

Relationships can create a lot of internal and external emotional struggles.  Difficult experiences relating to others may bring up feelings of depression, anxiety, overwhelming anger or low self-esteem.  Learning how to cultivate positive relationships with loved ones, peers and professional colleagues is a main focus for many of the people I work with in therapy.  Read more about working with Relationship Issues.

Emotional Resilience

Met with emotional resilience, life’s challenges don’t bend you out of shape.  You can meet these challenges with flexibility and stay grounded in the face of change.  We all come equipped with abilities for emotional resilience.  But we also have our personal vulnerabilities and even the most resilient person can get overwhelmed in a crisis.  Read more about Emotional Resilience.

Trauma and PTSD

Traumatic life events can overwhelm your abilities to cope and have lasting effects on your wellbeing.  With the right kind of support you can restore a sense of safety and confidence.  I help you release trauma from your body and mind so you feel empowered to move forward in your life.  My approach is based on the latest research in the field of the treatment of trauma.  Read about Healing Trauma and PTSD.

Somatic Psychotherapy

In Somatic Psychotherapy we listen to the mind as well as the body.  By paying attention to your body and emotions you can touch into the deep foundation of who you are and change negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors.  There is a deep self-compassion and inner wisdom that arises naturally when mind and body become more integrated.  Find out more about Somatic Psychotherapy.

Other common issues I work with include:
  • Workplace stress
  • Communication problems
  • Motivation and creative blocks
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Unmanageable emotions
  • Compulsive and addictive behavior
  • Issues due to childhood wounding
  • Feeling shut down and numb
  • Loneliness, shyness, intimacy problems
  • Co-dependency, perfectionism
  • The hidden stress of pretending to be someone that you’re not
Contact me to find out more about how we could work together and address your particular concerns.

I can be reached at (415) 425-0164 or to email  please go to “Contact” page.