for loved ones and yourself:

(This list has been kindly compiled by Dr. Tonya Dowding, San Francisco. Many thanks. (please let me know of any mistakes and additional information.)

At-home meditation with San Francisco Dharma Collective:

Tara Brach Meditation

Facing Pandemic Fears with an Awake Heart

Some favorite podcasts

  1. Unruffled- Janet Lansbury – For parents, especially of children up to 7 years old
  2. Parenting Without Power Struggle – For parents, especially of chidren 6 up to teenagers
  3. On Being – Krista Tippet
  4. Making Sense – Sam Harris
  5. On the Power of Unplugging- Tiffany Shlain
  6. On Creativity, Empathy & Resiliency- Mari Andrew
  7. That Escalated Quickly- Comedy by Franchesca Ramsey
  8. Change your Story, Change your Life- Erica Williams Simon

Virtual Yoga 15 day free trial


Breathing Exercises

Virtual Concerts

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Virtual Dance

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Museum Tours

Ah, let’s stroll the Uffizi Gallery while in our armchairs!

Also at the bottom of this link, the Metropolitan Opera is offering opera performance streaming. htag-help-people-relax?fbclid=IwAR1U_YgU5pq2m_67LsUO3c_8FhkkGao3pYeN2tf9wyloIUZ TVQXAI7itB6U

Virtual tour of the Boston Children’s Museum

Tour the Louvre

Monterey Bay Aquarium feeds (jelly cam is the coolest, with “spa” music!)

Visit a place on earth you’ve never been:

Globe genie:
360 cities
Air pano
Live stream nature… such as the Northern Lights:

Free Adult Education

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Itunes U

Some writing ideas:

Write a letter to your future self
Write your story, start your autobiography
Collage… paint. Express yourself and your internal landscape.

Parenting Programs

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