PsychotherapistExperience heartfelt, skillful therapy with tangible results

Everyone can live a full life and realize happiness. However, that can seem elusive because life isn’t easy. Emotional pain, stress and self-doubt can wear anyone down. Unhealthy relationship patterns may feel set in stone, and we all can get stuck in depression, anger, anxiety, unhealthy habits and addiction.

You might wonder: With so many good reasons to change why it is so hard?

Your mind may tell you: “What’s the matter with me? Why can’t I just do this?” The desire for positive change so easily turns into self-criticism. You may reject aspects of yourself and try to hide them. This can start a subtle, or not so subtle, war within you.

You may sense that there are more helpful ways to relate to life’s challenges.  Yet it can feel just too hard to discover them by yourself. You do not have to be alone.  Therapy can help. At critical moments, most of us could benefit from a supportive, skillful and authentic psychotherapist to work with.

As your therapist, I can help you to use simple kindness towards yourself to address your concerns with compassion and acceptance.

When you feel safe and seen as a whole person, you can approach your struggles with care and curiosity. I combine conventional psychotherapy with mind/body integrative therapy, also called Somatic Psychotherapy. This approach to therapy lets you intuitively understand the roots of problematic thoughts, feelings and behaviors. The insights you gain in therapy are grounded in your own firsthand experience which allows you to make concrete steps towards the changes you want.

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